Mar. 14th, 2011

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Title: Reparo
Author: [ profile] amalin
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Eventual Draco/Harry, with Ron/Hermione and other canon (or at least seemingly canon)
Length: Oneshot (LONG, should basically be chaptered since it's even divided into chapters - but it's all still on one page, so eh xD)
Rating: R, though labeled as NC-17 by the author
Genre: friendship, romance, drama, humor, angst... the works
Why this is awesome: What I love most about this story is the moral and all the themes behind it - there's so many, I can barely keep count. The importance of friendship, of keeping things together, of second chances, of... everything. There's a lot more to this story than the Draco/Harry-ness - there's also the Harry/Ginny friendship and the realism of all the characters and their dynamics - and what I really love most about this story is how Draco and Harry interact. There were only very little intimate and 'adorable' moments between them; most of the time they were fighting and arguing and whatnot. But it was in a very Draco/Harry way, which made it even more convincing. (As well as the other characters; I think the author has their characterizations done very well xD) I might mistake it for canon once in a while, who knows - it was really very convincing, how everything happened. I do have to admit, though, I was a bit lost at the Draco/chocolate/trial areas (no spoilers xD) but overall, it was a very excellent piece (aside from the grammatical/spelling errors, but it's okay since I make them all the time myself xD). Also, the artworks linked throughout might be distracting once in a while - but I do have to admit that this is my favorite one (there are barely any spoilers in the drawing, so you can click xD I love Draco/Harry friendship as much (possibly more) than their romance, and even if they are a 'thing', just seeing/watching them interact with all words and teasing and insults makes me happier than reading about them making out. Most of the time xD

... holy Jesus I wrote an essay. Anyways. Go read it. It's wonderful ♥
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