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Yo. Alice here. Okay, so we're not dead. Christie hasn't read much online fiction, so she has an excuse for not updating. I... have. A lot, recently, actually; which is why I'm re-activating this because I do have stuff to rec and I realize that there are watchers of this community, ahaha.

There's also a Dreamwidth mirror: [community profile] myotp. That will be updated prior to this community, but both will have the same recs in the same order. Sadly there's no crossposting between Dreamwidth and LiveJournal communities yet, so it's gonna be a bit more tedious on my part XD

ONTO THE SPAM! Be on a lookout for Harry Potter, Merlin, South Park, and original ;D
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(if you haven't noticed already)

We'll be back in like... a month. Hopefully >___> Christie's busy with schoolwork, and Alice is too busy reading actual things (read: yaoi) but the fanfiction recs will come back soon! ^^ (I actually have a list of fic I need to rec oi e__e)
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For anyone who keeps up with the updates in this community XD

I've decided to, er, get rid of the author part in the rec header. It feels sort of tedious to write out the name of the author (it gets really annoying after a while, okay >>;;); plus, neither [ profile] dummydoll nor I even CLAIM these stories (since this is a recommendation community) and you could probably get to the author's profile page via the links that we put in the headers anyways. So... yeah.

That's it :D

(I've already changed the rules/header post, too,)
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Hey there! So Alice wanted me to do a random post... about what, I'm not sure. But welcome to MYOTP :D So this comm is going to really biased. Like, insanely. Just to warn you guys ahead of time >>;

I read mostly Naruto fanfiction, as well as anime/manga. Alice leans towards bandom!fics, and we both have otps in all. We have many, many, many otps. MANY.

Oh, and we both love slash! So expect to see tons of that in the near future~

Maybe we'll do a modpost on what pairings we ship? Maybe. ...It'll be a rather long, excruciating list though.

Have I mentioned we are SERIOUSLY BIASED.

(Look, I even bolded, caps, underlined and even highlighted it in red for you. If you haven't gotten the point yet.... DO YOU SEE MY JUDGING EYES- /shot)
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So okay. If anyone (out there) is joining this/reading this/wants to creep on the stories we read, yay! Have fun! And if you think you can recommend something to us, feel free to do that too, in any way you can (e.g. via Twitter, MSN, email, Facebook, commenting on this post). Also please don't feel offended if we don't rec you... 'cause, you know. WE ALL HAVE OUR OPINIONS. So yeah. In case you forgot about that.

If you're looking for a story or stories of specific factors (since our tags focus on length, fandom and who it was recc'd by), you can go to fandom,length: oneshotorchaptered?mode=and

(you can also add recc'd by: (ALICE OR CHRISTIE) after a comma in the url)!

Also since Christie is a little OCD hamster, this is generally how our posts will go:

Subject: Fandom, pairing (if any), rating

Title: linked title here!
Author: <lj user="username!">, or username @ other sites we go on
Fandom: fandom here! not needed for original fiction
Pairing: or lack thereof; not needed for original fiction
Length: oneshot/chaptered
Rating: rating here
Genre: genres labeled by the author, or you can put the genres you think the story will fall under
Warning: if there's anything you should be aware of!
Why this is awesome: where we shamelessly flail about awesome stories and/or awesome writers, thus thoroughly embarrassing ourselves (optional if we get lazy... which will probably happen)

(To be copy and pasted into the HTML form (not the Rich Text) in case we get lazy)

One post per story. Now you see why we might have tendencies to spam XD

Also. Tags!

!something important here (used only for special occasions)

rec'd by: alice/christie
fandom: fandom blah whatever!
length: oneshot/chaptered
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SUP HOMEBOYS. Yeah... this is sort of a test post thing. And also a welcome to [ profile] myotp ! Where [ profile] dummydoll and [ profile] domolovesyou just basically recommend/post stories we're currently reading, stories we really love, etc. Also beware since we could be epically biased in the authors we recommend (cough cough), but we're both part of like a gazillion fandoms so there's gonna be a lot of variety here. WHOO.

Feel free to join and watch! :D Everything will probably remain open to public... probably.
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