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Title: Smile For The Paparazzi
Author: [ profile] black_goose
Fandom: Super Junior/f(x)/Fueled By Ramen
Pairing: Um. Like a lot. Canon from the respective fandoms :'D
Length: Oneshot
Rating: R
Genre: romance, humor, smutty-ish, friendship-ish... yeah XD
Why this is awesome: Mostly because it's a crossover and crossovers are amazing in general (and I seriously love Fueled By Ramen and f(x) and Super Junior it's like my three favorite band/labels together in one fanfiction and it is AWESOME) and the pairings and it's just so hilarious to see their interactions because they really would act that way and sdflkj. If you're part of Super Junior fandom (and know of f(x)) and Fueled By Ramen (Cobra Starship, TAI, FOB) AT THE SAME TIME YOU MUST READ THIS STORY 8DDD
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