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Title: Must Have Done Something Right
Author: MissPronounced @
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Albus/Scorpius
Length: Chaptered, complete
Rating: NC-17 (but only because 2 chapters of smut)
Genre: romance, drama, humor, light fluff, slight angst
Why this is awesome: 70 chapters of awesomeness. Yet again, I wrote an essay for a review, so I will post that here (a bit of spoilers to the fic):

I have to say, this was an amazing story :'D For several reasons. First of all, I love how you made your OCs - a lot of Al/Scorpius stories with OCs just sort of make them you know, there, on the side, for the sake of characters - but your OCs really shined through, and there weren't just /there/ and they weren't just completely two dimensional - they had a role in the story. In addition to that, I really really loved how even though you made Mel seem like the bad guy at points, you allowed us/the reader/Albus/everyone else to see that she actually had /feelings/ and wasn't just being a douche canoe for nothing. And the homophobic parts? Brilliant, heartbreaking and completely realistic (though I'm glad to say that I've never witnessed anything like that in my life - thank goodness.) You really put tons of verisimilitude in this that every bit of it is completely realistic. I have to admit that in the beginning, I had a few doubts - but after a few chapters, it definitely paid off in the end. I clicked on the title because I love the song you named it after (hahahaha, Relient K is such a great band), and I see how it fits and oh, Al and Scorpius are so sweet. You definitely have an incredible take on words and language - your ability to convey the emotions throughout this entire story was amazing, really. Even from two points of view, you kept it limited and you had a grasp on the rules of grammar and it was really obvious that you knew what you were doing, as an author and just as someone who knows a little bit about English.

+ I also love Slytherin!Al and Slytherin!Scorp, and while my preferences lie with top!Scorpius, Scorpius in this story was /adorable/ and was obviously gay but not flamboyantly gay (which is my favorite kind of gay) and Al is hot, so it works. :D And Lily and James were brilliant, as well as Teddy and Andrea and Claire and Harry (oh my god, his idiocy and tactlessness) and Draco AND ASTORIA. I love love love how both Harry and Draco are happily married - that's my favorite type of Harry and Draco (not EWE, of course), happily married with Ginny and Astoria, respectively. And although they weren't in this that much, it was perfectly endearing.

You really captured the essence of Albus and Scorpius, in your own (fabulous) way. I'll also add that your smut was not in the least bad, but downright fantastic. ^^
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